What We Do

Digital Island Studios is an audio engineering company specializing in music recording and production. We offer a range of services from live concert recordings to full CD productions, from on-location recordings, to digital editing, mixing and mastering. We also do a lot of radio production work, including narration, editing, e-delivery, and remote broadcast operations. Our slogan, - acoustic recording for independent classical and jazz artists - pretty much sums it up. Of course, every time we think we've managed to define what it is we do, a new and unusual and different and exciting project comes along. Bottom line is that we show and we take care of everything so that you can concentrate on creating your music.



We believe the recording process is about trust. Trust in yourself,  your musicianship, and your artistry. Trust in the producer’s ears and ability to sense whether to push you to take your interpretation further or whether to back off and move on. And trust in the engineer to record your sound as accurately, beautifully, and cleanly as possible. All of our interactions are with the goal of capturing your optimal performance.


        Artistic Collaboration

At Digital Island Studios, the artist comes first. And although we have over 20 years experience making recordings, we don’t have a preconceived notion of what yours should sound like. Every project we take on is unique, and every project is a collaboration with the artist. You’ve spent years honing your craft, and you need us to accurately capture all the intensity and emotion you bring to your performance. We will give you a recording that creates a visceral and emotional experience for your listeners.


       Knowledgeable Engineers - Personable People.

Since 1989, we have been helping artists and composers realize their musical vision. Our years of experience, our musical and technical training, and our ability to empathize with the plight of musicians all come together as we strive to be your collaborative partner. Nobody works harder to make your recording shine. We help solve your problems on location and in the studio, whether it’s recording or sound design or live sound reinforcement. Known for our great client relationships, we will walk you through every step of the recording process so you will feel comfortable and can make an optimal product.






"Stereo is merely the attempt to create the illusion of reality through the willing suspension of disbelief."  -  Richard Heyser